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Motore a vapore navale
Fine '800



This is a marine steam engine featuring the typical arrangement widely used for motorboat propulsion from the late XIX century up the first decades of the XX century. This engine has a control system with two sliding valves (high and low pressure) operated by a Stephenson mechanism, used as load regulator and speed reverser. The overall dimension of this engine suggests the employment in small vessels such as yachts and fishing boats. Although this type of engines were produced in large quantity, only few specimen of such dimensions have survived today.

Technical specifications

Manufacturerunknown, late XIX century
Descriptionmarine steam engine with two in-line double-acting cylinders and two stages of steam expansion
Stroke160 mm
Bore181 mm (high pressure cylinder), 321 mm (low pressure cylinder)
Displacement34113 cm³
Powerabout 50 hp at 350 rpm with a steam pressure of 10 bar
Valvetrain systemtwo slider valves (high and low pressure), operated by a Stephenson mechanism, used as load regulator and speed reverser
Feeding systemsupplied by steam at a maximum pressure of circa 10 bar
Lubrication systemwith multiple oilers


Small motorboats such as yachts, tugboats and fishing boats.

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