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FIAT A 50 sezionato
1928 - 1940



The FIAT A 50 is a 7-cylinder radial engine developed in 1928 for training and general aviation aircrafts. The engine features an ordinary single-row arrangement and thanks to a good reliability and an easy maintenance, it reached a good market response. From 1928 to 1932, it was produced in circa 900 copies which were fitted in many aircrafts up to 1940, such as the Caproni Ca.100. The A50 also reached several aviation records in ceiling, distance and duration of flight. In 1930 the aviator Francis Lombardi used an A 50 in its FIAT AS.1 e AS.2 aircrafts, for the long-distance flights Roma-Mogadiscio, Vercelli-Tokyo and for the circumnavigation of the Africa. In the same period, a FIAT A 50 was used in one of the early helicopter of Corradino D’Ascanio, which reached many flight records for rotary-wing aircraft. For didactic purpose, this exemplar is displayed in order to show all its internal parts.

Technical specifications

ManufacturerFIAT Aviazione, Turin, Italy, from 1928 to 1940
TypeA 50
Description7-cylinder radial engine, crankcase, heads and pistons made of aluminium-alloy, streel-made cylinders screwed into the heads, crankshaft composed of two parts
Stroke120 mm
Bore100 mm
Displacement6594 cm³
Compression ratio5.0
Power100 hp at 1800 rpm at sea level power; 55 hp at 1800 rpm at 5000 m
Specific fuel consumption230 g/hp/h
Specific power14.4 hp/litre
Valvetrain system2 overhead valves per cylinder, operated by pushrods and rocker arms
Fuel systemwith one single-barrel gasoline carburetor Zenith J 48
Ignition systemwith two Marelli S3 spark plugs per cylinder fed by two Marelli MF7 magneto distributors
Cooling systemair-fed
Lubricationforced by a gear pump
Diameter900 mm
Length821 mm
Weight133 kg
Mass-to-power ratio1.4 kg/hp


FIAT AS.1 (light aircraft and training)

FIAT AS.2 (light aircraft and training, with FIAT A.50S engine)

FIAT TR.1 (light aircraft and training)

Ambrosini SAI.3 (light aircraft)

Ambrosini SAI.10 Grifone (training)

CANSA C.5 (training)

CANT 26 (light aircraft and training)

Caproni Ca.100 (light aircraft and training)

Gabardini Lictor 90 (light aircraft)

IMAM Ro 5 (light aircraft, liaison and training)

Testi e immagini di Giuseppe Genchi
Sito realizzato da Pasquale Pillitteri