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Motore navale Breda Roma
Anni '10 - anni '20



Inline 4-cylinder 4-stroke Diesel engine manufactured by the Società Italiana Ernesto Breda within the first decades of the XX century for motorboat propulsion. Its overall dimension suggests the employment in small vessels such as fishing boats and tugboats.

Technical specifications

ManufacturerSocietà Italiana Ernesto Breda per Costruzioni Meccaniche, between 1910s and 1920s
Descriptioninline 4-cylinder 4-stroke engine, crankcase, cylinders and head made of cast iron, with 5 main bearings
Valvetrain system2 overhead valves per cylinder, operated by pushrods and rocker arms drived by a camshaft housed in the crankcase
Fuel feeding systemdirect injection system, supplied by a 4-piston reciprocating Diesel fuel pump
Cooling systemliquid-fed
Lubrication systemforced by a gear pump


Small motorboats such as yachts, tugboats and fishing boats.


Kind donation of the technical high school "Enrico Medi" of Palermo.

Testi e immagini di Giuseppe Genchi
Sito realizzato da Pasquale Pillitteri