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FIAT G.59 4B

After completing its service in the Second Air Region (based in Rome) of the Italian Air Force, the Museum’s FIAT G.59 4B (with military serial number 53530) has been purchased in 1964 by the former Institute of Aeronautics of the University of Palermo. It is one of the only five complete FIAT G. 59 surviving today and it is displayed after having undergone a thorough restoration in the Museum’s workshop.

The restoration project, carried out by the Museum with the collaboration of some mechanical and aerospace engineering students, was rigorously conservative. This approach provides the physical conservation of the asset, aiming at the philological preservation of its original features. The disassembly of the main components, their reconditioning and the accurate reassembly of the entire aircraft were particularly demanding. The restoration work also involved damaged parts and the recovery of some missing elements. In some cases, it was necessary to rebuild missing parts, no longer available; that was carried out through reverse engineering operations, to manufacture new parts that are compliant with the original specifications. Among the innovative techniques employed there are the use of a three-dimensional optical scanner, modern CAD/CAM systems, 3D printing processes and waterjet cutting for sheet metal elements.









Testi e immagini di Giuseppe Genchi
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