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September 12-16, 2016

Summer School on Mechanism Design for Applications - MDA 2016

IFToMM Technical Committee for Linkages and Mechanical Controls (TCLMC)
Chair: Erwin-Christian Lovasz (Romania)
Co-chair : Victor Petuya (Spain)

Local organising committee
Francesco Sorge, Marco Cammalleri, Giuseppe Genchi

The summer school addresses to master and PhD students, young researchers or specialists working in micro-and macro mechanism designs that are used in robotics and mechatronics. The summer school will deal with the following topics:

1. Mobile Robots
Lecturer: Prof. Giuseppe Quaglia, Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy
2. Mechanisms design used in mechatronic applications
Lecturer: Prof. Burkhard Corves RWTH Aachen University, Germany
3. Introduction to vision systems applied to robotics
Lecturer: Prof. Cesare Rossi, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
4. Geared linkages with linear actuation
Lecturer: Prof. Erwin-Christian Lovasz, University Politehnica Timişoara, Romania
5. Performance evaluation and design of parallel mechanisms
Lecturers: Prof. Xin-Jun Liu, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
6. Computational kinematic and dynamic characterization of mechanisms
Lecturer: Prof. Victor Petuya, University of the Basque Country, Spain
7. Dynamics balancing of linkage with applications to link optimization
Lecturer: Prof. Rosario Sinatra, University of Catania, Italy
8. Optimal Synthesis of Cam/Geared-Linkages
Lecturer: Prof. Domenico Mundo, University of Calabria, Italy
9. Analysis and synthesis of power split CVT’s
Lecturer: Prof. Marco Cammalleri, University of Palermo, Italy
10. Kinematic design of parallel robots and low-cost walking welfare robots
Lecturer: Prof. Yukio Takeda, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
11. Designing Haptic Devices
Lecturer: Prof. Mehmet I Can Dede, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey
12. Yaw stability en route of single vehicles and vehicle-trailer systems
Lecturer: Prof. Francesco Sorge, University of Palermo, Italy
Closure speech: Innovation in MMS and IFToMM role
by Prof. Marco Ceccarelli, University of Cassino, Italy
Energy and history: the Museum of Engines and Mechanisms
by Ph.D. Eng. Giuseppe Genchi, University of Palermo, Italy

Download summer school program

Summer School venue
The Summer School will be held at the Museum of Engines and Mechanisms,
Dept. of Chemical, Management, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering,
Polythecnic School of University of Palermo
Address: Viale delle Scienze, Building 8 (Macchine), 90128 – Palermo

The summer school participants are invited to reserve rooms in suggested hotels. For more information:

The fee is 150 Euro. It includes attendance to lectures, summer school materials, daily lunch and two coffee breaks per day, excursion and social event.

Please fill in the registration form and send it before June 30, 2016 to (and as cc to together with the receipt of payment.

Method of payment
Payment in EURO free of any charges to the beneficiary should be made by bank transfer to:
Account holder (mandatory): Giuseppe Carbone
(treasurer of IFToMM Italy which supports the event)
Bank name: Chebanca SPA
IBAN: IT33A0305801604100571380192
Reason for payment (mandatory) must be indicated exactly as: Summer School MDA 2016 and name of partecipant
The payment is free from VAT charge in accordance with the italian law art.10 DPR 633/72

The Summer School on Mechanism Design for Applications 2016 is supported by the University of Palermo through the Museum of Engines and Mechanisms, IFToMM Italy and the Technical Committee “Linkages and Mechanical Controls” of the International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science IFToMM. The event is organized under the patronage and the support of IFToMM, which offers grants for young delegates.


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